8 Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

Pets are an investment both emotionally and financially. When your pet destroys something in your home unexpectedly, it costs money. Vet bills, damaged plants and training courses all add up.

1. They Make You Earn Their Respect

One of the most interesting things about cats that most people don’t know is that they only respond to positive feedback. They do not respond to someone scolding them and can only be trained on the reward system. They are easily offended which actually asks us to learn how to be nicer as an owner. Instead of losing our patience, we must learn to get along. This is a great life lesson that cats teach us. They will not want to be our friend if we speak in a stern tone or swat them. If we are nice to them and teach them tricks they get rewards for, it builds a strong bond with them and they will respect you. When you go out of your way for your cat, they appreciate it. Unlike dogs, they have a memory and know when you try to make them happy. Dogs say I love you no matter what and cats say I love you if you prove yourself. The second conditional respect offer makes us more accountable for our decisions and we can learn how to be caring and responsible.

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2. They Are Low Maintenance

Cats can be left alone much longer than dogs. They will use a litter box and can regulate their eating. Dogs need to be let outside and will usually eat whatever is put in front of them. Cats also don’t need your attention twenty four seven when you’re home. They also allow you your independence as they are less concerned with earning your adoration. They like when you’re around but don’t need to be sitting on your lap every second. You won’t have to buy them things all the time because they entertain themselves and they will get exercise by exploring the house and do not need to be walked on a leash. For people that commute or work long hours, it’s nice to have a cat instead of a dog that takes up much more of your already limited time. Cats are much cleaner than dogs and don’t drool or like to roll in the mud like dogs do.

3. They Are Easy To Potty Train

Why Cats are Better Than Dogs - easy to potty trainCats are naturally inclined to go to the bathroom in sand and dirt so once you show them where the litter box is, they will use it usually right away. Even kittens catch onto this very quickly. If this wasn’t enough to show cats are easier to deal with than dogs, cats can be trained to use the toilet and flush.

4. Cats Are Much Quieter

Why Cats are Better Than Dogs - quieterBoth kittens and cats are not likely to keep you up in the middle of the night. They won’t be barking loudly to go outside or barking at trash trucks. They will let you sleep and let you relax. Cats are just more mellow and less aggressive. They are safe around small children and rarely bite people. Cats tend to be more shy than dogs. Many people have to put shock collars on their dogs so they can leave them at home during the day without them barking incessantly. If you live close to neighbors, chances are, you’ll get a barking complaint about a dog but you won’t have to worry about any of that with a cat.

5. Cats Don’t Need A Leash

Dogs are not nearly as smart as cats. They sometimes wander away from home but they are smart enough to find their way back. They know where home is and they stick around. For the most part, cats are content being inside and won’t usually get restless if they aren’t let outisde and taken to the park. Dogs build up a lot more energy and need much more activity than cats do. Cat people are often intellectual types that put a lot of their energy into their work and like a companion that won’t bother them to go outside. For people that are older and have a risk of falling, sometimes dogs pulling on leashes becomes dangerous. Since cats don’t need to be on leashes, this risk is not a problem. Also big dogs can jump on their owners and knock them over but cats won’t do that.

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6. Cats Entertain Themselves

You don’t have to spend money on a million cat toys. Cats kind of live in their own world and are explorers. They want to get up high to watch what is going on and they have a different attention span than dogs. They will nap and they don’t have to be right in your face all the time. If you are a busy person or like your personal space, a cat is a great friend for you. For people who live in small spaces, cats are much more agreeable than dogs. They are happy being inside and will not get depressed in a small apartment. You will also not feel guilty for keeping them inside as that is what they prefer and it won’t affect their health negatively. It’s definitely hard to keep a dog in a small apartment. Not to mention how much they can bother the neighbors and mess up your carpet.

7. Cats Live Longer

cats live longerThe average lifespan for cats is about 15 years and some live into their twenties. Compared to cats the average lifespan of dogs is much shorter. The average lifespan of dogs is only 8-12 years. We do definitely develop emotional bonds with our pets and the less we have to let go of, the easier it is on us.

8. Cats Are Cheaper

cats are cheaperMost cats (not all) are smaller than dogs. That means they require less food, less grooming, and less cash. They don’t require expensive leashes or clothes either. They don’t chew through things like dogs do and don’t need bones everyday to keep them quiet. Healthy dog food is very expensive and if you’re living on a budget, a cat is definitely a better option. They also clean themselves which reduces your need to get them washed or use your valuable time washing them frequently. When you go on vacation, you won’t have to spend as much for a cat sitter because they don’t need to be let out or walked.

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