9 Lessons to Learn From Your Cat

Pets are a big part of our lives and whether we realize it or not, they have an impact on us. Here are 9 lessons we can learn from our feline friends’ behavior that apply to our own lives.

1. Be Selective With Who You Like

Cats usually take time to decide if they like someone while dogs just love everyone for the most part. Cats are known for being aloof and humans usually have to earn their respect or please them. Cats seem to have the attitude that they run the show and humans have to please them. Dogs seem to act like their only goal in life is to make humans happy. Now why would humans benefit from adopting this cat like scrutiny?

There are indeed many different types of people on this planet and it is good to take time to evaluate their actions before you trust them and make them your best friend. Just as there is an initial dating phase in courtship where humans are trying to judge the other person and see if they meet their personal standards, we can be more catlike and make people prove they are worthy of our respect. Instead of trying desperately like a dog to get their attention, let them come to us and show us they are decent and generous.

2. Be Independent

Cat’s don’t become depressed when they spend time by themselves. They are content to roam without a companion. Many people feel anxious when they are alone and must be around someone to feel normal. If we could be more cat like in our lives, we can begin to see how other people are affecting our decision makers. Perhaps being able to be alone is one thing that we can learn that will help us overcome peer pressure or even recognize how susceptible people are to it at any age. For the most parts, cats are self entertaining and we would do well to be more like that as well.

3. Stretch Daily

9 Lessons to Learn From Your Cat - Stretch dailyThey say if a cat is sick it won’t wake up and stretch right away. They also stretch throughout the day. This is something humans should also pick up on. Keeping the spine mobil and the joints and muscles stretched is important for our energy and our own regular digestion. Cats do it naturally as if they know it’s essential to their survival. There’s something to be learned here. The spine is something that gives humans a lot of trouble and can be the source of chronic pain if it’s not stretched and kept moving. The sedentary lifestyles in today’s working class could definitely use more stretching. Stretching helps reduce tension in tight shoulders and stimulates digestion to reduce toxic buildup in the body that causes inflammation.

4. Be Selective With Food Choices

Cats are known to walk away from food that has gone bad and they know how to tell you their preferences. Cats are known to be more picky than dogs. In that light, we should also not just eat anything put before us. The biggest health problems in America are directly related to poor choices in foods and lack of discretion or awareness about what is healthy and what is contributing to sickness. Next time you think about going to a drive through for a meal, think like a cat and make the right choice. It’s good to be stuck up like a cat when it comes to our food, it’s actually crucial.

5. Take Time To Rest

9 Lessons to Learn From Your Cat - take time to restCats are loungers. They love to bask in the sun and take naps. Stress is huge contributing factor to inflammation in the body and rushing contributes to stress. You don’t see cats wake up and look at their list of to-do’s, post to instagram, slam a caramel frappuccino on the way to work and text their mom while driving do you? Cats play it cool. They don’t rush and they don’t put too much on their plates. Just because we can make ourselves really busy doesn’t mean it contributes to our happiness or health. Finding a balance between relaxing and being productive is a lesson to learn from cats. They keep themselves clean and eat when necessary but you won’t see a cat honking his horn irate at the poor old lady in front of their car walking across the street, because they take time to maintain their zen.

6. Don’t Be Moody

Here is something cats do that we should learn not to do. Cats don’t make friends with people if they scratch them and hide when they’re around. People like social cats much more than hermit cats. If a cat bites you or scratches you once when you’re trying to pet it, chances are you aren’t going to try to pet it again. Humans aren’t usually going to bite and scratch but words can do just as much harm. If we lash out at someone, they are less likely to want to engage with us in conversation or invite us to hang out in the future. So know if you get irritable when you’re hungry and pack a snack. It’s important that we notice when we are starting to get irritable so we don’t spoil relationships with people we are about.

7. Stay Curious About Life

9 Lessons to Learn From Your Cat - stay curiousCats are good at checking out what’s going on and they are very inquisitive. They notice every movement we make and they try to get into things to see what they are. How can the curiosity of a cat inspire us positively in our lives? If you think about Albert Einstein, he must have had the curiosity of ten cats. The same goes for other people that have discovered unchartered territory and invented new things or uncovered new laws of physics. Those techies in the silicon valley all have a spirit animal, you guessed it, it’s a cat.

8. Go Exploring

Cats like to jump, climb, search, and find new places to explore. Cats probably know your own house better than you. They know where the mice holes are, they know what’s under the couch and they know when the mail man shows up. They are familiar with the branches of trees and the tops of fences. They are adventurous creatures and their sense of exploration, even in a city apartment is commendable. Cats still act like wild cats even in small confined spaces, just because they don’t look like a lion doesn’t mean they don’t believe they are one. So go outside of your comfort zone and explore the world as a cat does.

9. Cats Are Reserved

When was the last time you saw a cat drink and drive or heard a cat had a party that got too loud and the cops had to come issue a noise complaint? Cats are perfectly content to stay in on a Friday night and not get rowdy, so why can’t we be as well? What’s wrong with curling up on the couch with a good book or movie and then waking up early the next day? Cats have a lifestyle that doesn’t tax their body’s and they probably have less drama in their lives because they are quiet and reserved, often you won’t even know when they are in the room. They don’t need to be the center of attention.

While these cat life lessons are somewhat humorous, it is valuable for us to reflect upon the natural state of other creatures and of the planet and remind ourselves that we are not separate from them. In fact, we can indeed learn a lot from them if we appreciate them and look from a different perspective. The art of being a pet owner is developing a relationship with something that is different from us that we can give to and learn from, in that way, it’s alot like living with humans.

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