9 Things to Never Feed Your Cat

Whether you are a new cat owner or just not familiar with what human foods can be toxic to cats, it’s important to know about these 9 things to never let your cat get into. It’s also important to know where the nearest 24 hour animal hospital is in case of emergency. If you have children or guests, it’s also important to inform them of these foods that are poison to our furry friends. If you have someone housesit for you, make sure they know what your cat cannot have and how to avoid common accidental poisonings.

1. Canned Fish

Contrary to popular belief mostly promoted by cartoons, canned fish is not a good thing to feed to cats. Canned fish cat food is often comes from leftovers. These leftovers can be very dangerous to your cat because they often include bones and high levels of magnesium. High levels of magnesium and phosphorus found in canned cat food can increase your cats chance in developing kidney infections and urinary tract infections. Fish are actually one of the top things cats might be allergic to. The other top two allergens for cats are beef and dairy. Unfortunately, most seafood today is contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals and potentially deadly preservatives. Salmon and tuna fish are found to maintain high levels of metals such as mercury, which can also be harmful to your cat. Seafood can be addictive for cats but just because they like it doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Cats did not evolve eating seafood as most cats roamed in deserts. If your cat’s diet is based on seafood they can develop serious deficiencies as well as get too much iodine and magnesium.

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2. Dairy

This almost surprises most people but dairy is not good for your cat. Many cats get an upset stomach from milk and diarrhea is common too. Who would have thought that cats would be inclined to have lactose intolerance? Turns out cartoons don’t always get it right. Your cat doesn’t actually know what’s best for it just because it might know to turn down spoiled meat. Milk is a contributing factor to feline obesity. Just like humans, the older a cat gets, the harder it is for them to process lactose. If a kitten was separated from their mother, the pet store sells special cat milk replacers, cows milk does not have the proper balance of whey and caseins. While kittens have the lactase they need to break down their mother’s milk, they don’t have it as they mature.

3. Onions

Never Feed Your Cat - onionWhat makes onions poisonous to cats? It is an ingredient called thiosulphate which affects their blood. It can actually make their red blood cells burst and is very dangerous for both cats and dogs. You wouldn’t notice the symptoms for a few days but even a small amount of raw or cooked onions are extremely toxic for our furry friends. When you’re cooking and be careful when you have guests over that do not have pets, make sure they know that some human foods are poisonous to your cat.

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4. Alcohol

Never Feed Your Cat - alcoholIt’s not funny to give a cat alcohol. This refers to both ethanol alcohol, drinking alcohol and grain alcohol used in products. Be especially careful with cleaning products that contain alcohol as well as It will affect their nervous system and symptoms of alcohol poisoning in cats might include lethargy, vomiting, seizures, or coma. Do not leave cocktails on the counter if you have cats. Also do not use flea sprays that are alcohol based.

5. Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the most toxic to cats but all types of chocolate should completely be avoided. Watch out for desserts left on countertops or drinks that contain chocolate and dairy. If you think your cat consumed chocolate bring them to the veterinarian. If you notice your cat is extremely thirsty, restless, having muscle tremors, vomiting, very hot or has an irregular heartbeat, these signs could indicate your cat has consumed chocolate.

6. Grapes and Raisins

Both cats and dogs are extremely at risk with grapes and raisins. Although it is unclear exactly what in them is poisonous, they can cause sudden kidney failure. The signs of possible poisoning from grapes and raisins are similar to other signs of poison and include tiredness, vomiting and diarrhea. If you suspect or know your cat has eaten a grape bring them to the animal hospital immediately. Make sure your children are also aware of the human foods that are toxic to pets as these foods are common for children to eat.

7. Raw Eggs

Never Feed Your Cat - raw eggsIt’s not a good idea for cats to consume raw eggs for the same reasons it’s not a good idea for humans. Raw eggs can have salmonella or e.coli and they have a protein that can mess up the skin and fur of a cat. The protein interferes with the production of biotin which is an essential B vitamin.

8. Moldy Foods

moldy foodBacteria on decomposing foods can cause life threatening infections for your cat. Don’t let your animal dig through your garbage. If you have a pet, make sure your garbage is concealed and can’t be broken into. Make sure, if you have children, they know not to leave the garbage can open if you have pets.

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9. Caffeine

It’s important to realize caffeine is hidden in many substances around your house. Diet pills, workout powders, chocolate milk, soda and other things are all very poisonous to your cat. Two laps of caffeine can poison your cat and if they get into even small amounts of coffee grounds or tea bags it will often be fatal. Protect your drinks and garbage and make sure if you do take supplements that contain caffeine that you don’t accidentally drop them and leave them on the floor or in the car.While there are other things cats should not be given such as bread dough and garlic, this is just a list of the most common things people have in their homes that can cause serious harm or death to your pet. Make sure everyone in your house and your guests are aware that it is not a good idea to feed your cat human food and make it mandatory that all foods, drinks and trash be sealed well so your cat cannot get into them.

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