Welcome to my blog!

My name is Megan. I always had a few friends in the class with the same name, but I’m a girl with a lot of freckles on face, a camera under my arm, running after cats could not be mistaken for anyone.

From all these things remained freckles, camera in my hands and a very large number of kilometers, which I already ran catching more cats.

Cats have always rolled past me. There were a few of them in the family home, but getting into their minds was never important to me. All until I moved to another city for college and started working. One evening, leaving work, two gray-brown kittens stood in my way. I immediately rushed to help, took in two little kittens to find them a home. I found a home for one of them, and the other stayed with me. Unfortunately, my kitten after a year died of unknown causes. There was a lot of crying, but it didn’t work out. However, I believe that in life all events have a purpose, so there is probably some sense in this. After the trauma, I never thought I’d have any more cats. However, I accidentally came across an ad for cats for adoption-cats Pixi and Dixi. As soon as I saw them, I knew they were my cats. During this time we went through a lot, getting out of the litter box, Dixi’s terrible fear of man and many hours of taming, cat catarrh in advanced version, dying Dixi who weighed 600 grams and all this in the first two months of the presence of cats in the house. Over time, it was getting better, Pixi and Dixi began to recover, and in their eyes began to fade fear and appear great joy. That was the moment I decided to help others. I started with what I know best, which is pictures. I’m a professional photographer. Then I started giving up cats for adoption, trying to solve the problems of socialization that they encountered after moving into a new home. After giving up cats for adoption, the number of questions from owners and requests for help increased. The questions were repeated, and I was running out of time to live, so I came up with the idea of a blog about cats, where I will answer the most common questions once. I knew I had to talk about cat food, cat feeding, cat behavior like peeing outside the litter box, etc.

And here I am. My sentences are very often long, but I try my best and I hope that many of you, readers of the blog, find valuable things.

I realize that behavioral problems of animals can not be put into the framework, and each case should be examined separately, but maybe someone through reading the posts will understand what the problem may be and improve their lives and their cat. Every rescued animal convinces me that it is worth trying and trying, because who better to show us their gratitude than cats?

I have already recorded over 300 happy kittens on my adoption counter, and the number keeps growing. With each new one, I feel like another challenge.

Read, comment and confront – each of us is constantly learning, and together we can do more.

You have questions, doubts, the desire to create something together write to me.