Black cat – the hero of many myths and superstitions – believe?

The black cat is extremely aristocratic. Some people admire it, some people fear it. He is the hero of many myths, superstitions, and his past was not easy.Few people know that November 17 around the world is celebrated the day of the black cat. The purpose of this holiday is to draw attention to the fate of these black quadrupeds. Although we live in the 21st century, there are still various superstitions about the misfortunes that the black cat brings. In the USA, more than 30% of people believe in them. So this translates into problems with the adoption of these animals. All over the world, with the exception of America, these cats the longest live in shelters, waiting for new owners.It’s not just a series of myths that have grown up around them that are to blame. For unexplained reasons, it has been assumed that black dogs and cats are more aggressive. This, of course, has nothing to do with reality, because the observations of scientists show that black cats are much more stable and calm than their colored colleagues. There is also a popular superstition that when a black cat runs your way, you should spit over your left shoulder, because to do a bad spell. Otherwise, you will face disaster.

It is believed that black dogs and cats are more aggressive

It is believed that black dogs and cats are more aggressive

Black cat – a sad story

Black cat has an extremely dark past. In the middle ages, he was considered the embodiment of evil and a fellow Demon. The cats were burned at the stake, along with the witches. The persecution of these animals probably has its roots in Norse mythology. The chariot of the goddess Frei, who is believed to be a witch, was pulled by two black cats. From here came all the incredible stories about the misfortunes that a black cat can bring. In many stories there is a motif of evil witches who took the form of a cat. Fortunately, however, there are countries where the black cat is a symbol of happiness. These countries include England, Ireland, Scotland, but also Japan. British sailors were in the habit of taking on board black cats, which not only hunted mice. They believed that they would bring them good weather and guarantee a safe return home.

Black cat – where does this original disguise come from?

The gene responsible for black anointing, domestic cats inherited from a wild Nubian cat. Interestingly, he is responsible not only for the black fur. Black is also the skin, opuski and nose. Black cats also have mostly yellow eyes, which give them a truly magical look. Ideally black cats among common roofers, however, are very rare. Firstly, it is influenced by the fact that a significant part of them were killed off in the middle ages, so this genetic pool has been greatly reduced. In addition, they also interbreed with cats with other markings, which led to a change in their color in subsequent generations.

The gene responsible for the perfect black, over time, was mutated, which gave the chocolate and cinnamon color of the hair. Given the extraordinary rarity with which black cats occur, their meeting can really be considered as luck. The interesting thing is that black individuals are much more common among the male sex than the female. Black cats differ one more important detail from their brethren-the nose. It is the equivalent of papillary lines in humans, so each cat’s nose is completely different.

Black Cats have mostly yellow eyes

Black Cats have mostly yellow eyes

Black Bombay cat

The situation with black cats is somewhat different. Since pedigree cats are reproduced in a controlled manner and their mating habits are carefully selected by breeders, black anointing is much more common among them. It is accepted as a standard in more than forty breeds. Among the most beautiful representatives of these breeds, the Bombay cat deserves special attention. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only breed of cat in which only black anointing is allowed. In fact, it resembles a small Panther. His fur is soft, shiny, even velvety. His mustard eyes contrast beautifully with his greasiness.

The real charm is added by slightly rounded ears and a slightly concave nose. However, his character deserves the greatest recognition. Bombays cats are the most affectionate breed of all cats. They are extremely friendly and devoted to the owners. Because they are eager to play and quickly establish a bond with their owners, as for cats, they are very reluctant to stay at home alone. The black Bombay cat gets along well with dogs and children, which is why it is a wonderful family cat.

Black Russian cat and black Persian cat

There are breeds of cats that we often associate with a particular anointing. These include, for sure, blue Russian cats. And yet, in their race, other anointings are allowed. From white to red to black. Unlike their blue counterparts, the latter also have black paws and a nose. The situation is similar with the most popular breed of cats in Poland-the Persians. Persian cats are probably familiar to everyone, but few people have had the opportunity to see them in black. This color is extremely difficult to obtain. Their paws often remain brown, but they still present themselves impressively. However, the long hair of the Persians requires intensive care, so it is worth keeping this in mind when deciding on a cat of this breed. If you prefer the short-haired version-the exotic cat also appears in black disguise, but by analogy it happens extremely rarely.

Black anointing is therefore one of the most rare in feline beauties

Black cat savannah

Black Savannah deserves attention not only because of its anointing. It’s a hybrid of a domestic cat and a wild serval. This black cat is therefore one of the largest domestic cats. From his ancestors he inherited not only a unique appearance, but also a temperament. A genetic mutation called melanism is responsible for its blackening. It causes the production of more black pigment, melanin. So it’s the opposite of albinism. In nature, meeting a black serval is almost impossible. Probably, there are only a few such individuals. Same goes for Savannah cats. Black anointing is therefore one of the most rare in feline beauties.

Care of black hair

Care of cats with black coat is quite similar to that used in other animals of this species. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to remember that for bathing cats use only preparations intended for them. Never make deviations from this rule, because human cosmetics cause irritation of animal skin. They also have a disastrous effect on the condition of the hair. If there is a need to bathe the cat, and you do not have the appropriate specifications with you, just use warm water.

Remember that cats are clean by nature and with most of the dirt perfectly cope on their own. It is also very important to properly comb cats. Although they usually do this on their own with a tongue with protrusions, they can be assisted with combs or brushes designed for this purpose. In the pet store you can also buy special rubber gloves with tabs. Thanks to them, stroking the cat can be combined with combing.

Cats are clean by nature and with most of the dirt perfectly cope on their own

Cats are clean by nature and with most of the dirt perfectly cope on their own

Proper diet and supplementation

In order for the cat’s hair to be beautiful and velvety, it is very important to follow a proper diet. Do not feed the cat with processed human food. Contains a lot of preservatives harmful to animals. So avoid giving the animal sausages or pates. Instead, buy cat food that is properly balanced and will provide your pet with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for health, as well as other energy values.

If you want your cat’s black fur to be exceptionally soft and beautifully shiny, give him additional supplements designed to strengthen the condition of the skin and hair. Already after a short time after the start of their use, you will notice a huge difference. The interesting thing is that black hair does not necessarily have to be black all his life. Prolonged exposure to the sun will make the cat’s fur discolor and float away. So if you care about his black anointing, make sure that the cat does not lie directly in the sunlight.

The black cat is an unusual creature. His story is alive in many literary works. There are people who avoid them, others are proud of their owners because of their original and dignified appearance.

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