Can a dog and a cat live in the same house?

Saying like a dog with a cat, I do not always find a reflection in reality. I know a few cases of dogs that like cats more than their species friends and it is possible. Everything depends on two factors: the time of the meeting and the owner:)

dog and catFrom a scientific point of view, there is no obstacle to dogs being raised together with cats and not harboring aggression towards each other, but from the beginning. It is worth knowing that quadrupeds are the most flexible creatures on earth, of course, when it comes to the possibility of making friends between species. For comparison, little ducklings learn to recognize their mother right after birth. The funny thing is, they don’t know what it’s supposed to look like. They choose the first animal they encounter and recognize it as the mother. From now on, all creatures that do not smell and do not behave like a mother are considered the enemy! In the case of puppies is quite different because outside the mother learn to recognize friends among other species. Thanks to this puppy you can print an image of any creature, even a cat. Therefore, it is much easier to accustom even an adult dog to a cat than vice versa. In the case of cats, there is another difficulty, because the purrs are very territorial animals. The first meeting should be without unpleasant surprises, of course, provided that the purrs had a positive experience with dogs. Before introducing the dog, you need to check whether it will not hurt the cat. Let’s remember that quadrupeds have the nature of hunters, and they are happy to hunt for something that moves and is Shaggy, and cats trigger in them the instinct of a predator. With this in mind, it is better during the first meeting to keep the quadruped under control-on a leash. This rule does not apply to puppies, because small animals, as a rule, should not harm an adult cat.

The above described rules have been tested apriori, I know many people who breed these two different species under one roof and there is no tension between them. Moreover, those who do not say that between animals a special bond is born, they share with each other a message, a bowl, and when one of them falls ill, the other also suffers and survives. Animals can get along very well with each other to such an extent that at the moment when one of them goes to the other side of the rainbow, the ones that are left, whether it is a dog or a cat, despairs and misses because animals, like people, experience the departure of a companion.

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