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Amsterdam Kattencafe Kopjes cat cafe best place for cats.

Kattencafe Kopjes, cat cafe

Kattencafe kopjes is located in Amsterdam’s western district, a 10-minute bike ride from the van Gogh Museum. Of course, the easiest way, like lokalsów, to get here in one car. The cafe is small and inconspicuous from the outside, can accommodate up to 20 guests. Occupying it-this is probably the best term for the class they give themselves-seven cats. It was opened in 2015 in a crowdfunding model-almost a thousand kittens and felines dropped on it.

Booking and fees

Especially if you go to the cafe on the weekend or in the afternoon, it is best to book a visit a few days in advance-using the form available here. Admission costs 3 euros and allows you to spend two hours in the cat kingdom. This comes, of course, the cost of ordered drinks and dishes, but prices are standard. In KK, payment is only by card (which is a common practice in Amsterdam), but it is better not to be surprised at the exit 😉


When visiting a cat cafe, you need to comply with the rules that prevail here. The most important are: disinfection of hands before entering and a ban on feeding, waking and lifting cats. If you plan to visit with children, running and screaming will not be accepted, so you should prepare them in advance. You can play with pets, pet them (if they approve) and take pictures-without a flash. I also recommend looking under your feet 😉


In the cafe there is an incredibly pleasant atmosphere, which is undoubtedly the merit of cats. People are nice, relaxed and smile to each other communicatively. During my visit, the majority were couples who apparently like me can not imagine a better place for a date;) inside is not particularly quiet, music blares, you can hear the sounds coming from the kitchen and conversations, but cats in the vast majority sleep like dead and do not care about the presence of guests. You can also see the cool contact of the service with animals that recognize “their” and demand special sensitivity from them.

Controversy around cafes with cats

When the first cat cafe in Krakow opened, there was a lot of controversy in Poland about this type of facilities. It is certainly a place where abuse can occur if it is carried out by irresponsible and profit-driven individuals. However, observing the behavior of the animals in kattencafe kopjes, I am convinced that they are much better there than in the shelter from which they were taken. Especially since some of them, e.g. one-eyed kitten, would have a big problem with finding a real home. A huge role in the functioning of a cat cafe is played by the service and whether it enforces the rules prevailing in it. The cats in kopjes did not look stressed, most of them slept in the best-on chairs, drapes and shelves located under the ceiling. The café is open 5 days a week, on Monday and Tuesday fur coats rest from guests.

I think that for families with children, a visit to a cat cafe can be a great lesson before they decide on a pet. An opportunity to show that the cat is not a toy, that you can not tug, wake, or force him to hug…

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Images and Video from Kattencafe Kopjes

Small, inconspicuous cafe in Amsterdam:

At the entrance of the Cattery gadgets, feed and toys for cats:

cafe kopjes amsterdam

As befits a cafe, they serve delicious coffee here:

cafe kopjes cafe cats

Catwalks comply with the rules of cotification – give the opportunity to escape from unwanted guests. As you can see, cats feel comfortable enough here that they sleep or walk among (and after) visitors.

cafe with cats shelves for cats

shelves for cats

Here you can assess the noise level in the cafe:

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