Cat grooming – should cats be groomed?

Dog grooming salons are so popular today that it probably doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. This type of dog grooming service has even gained its own distinct name – grooming. It seems that dog grooming has become something very common in our society – but what about cat grooming? Should we take our purrfect pets for such treatments? Or is it not advisable for them?

Cat grooming – is it necessary?

If you’re wondering if cat haircuts are necessary and necessary, the answer to that question is no. Unlike some dog breeds, even those with very long hair do not require this kind of care in everyday life. Regular brushing with the right tool for the purpose is enough for a domestic pet. Our purr-fect companions also take care of their fur on their own, spending more than 30% of their active time each day licking it. The condition of your pet’s coat is also dependent on its diet. This should be kept in mind when deciding which cat food to choose. The most optimal solution is to use ready-made complete pet food.

When is a cat grooming desirable or even necessary? Most often in two cases: when we want our pet to look a certain way, or when we go with him to a show. Long-haired animals sometimes have a tendency to tangle, even if they are combed regularly. If dreadlocks form in the cat’s fur, the only salvation may be to cut them out. It’s also worth mentioning, that no cat breed has a set pattern (official standard) of cat’s “hairstyle”. On some cat shows such interference may even be a reason for disqualification. Some owners decide to shorten the hair of their wards also because a shorter coat is easier to maintain. Combing and bathing a shorn cat takes much less time than in the case of long-haired cats.

It should be remembered that the cat’s coat has two very important functions:

protective – in many cases, the coat allows the pet to avoid mechanical damage to the skin. This is especially important with mutts, as these animals often climb or squeeze through narrow spaces. Abrasions or injuries would be a common problem if it were not for the protective layer of fur;

thermoregulatory – cat’s fur fulfills the same task as human’s clothes. It allows to maintain proper body temperature, protecting the body against excessive cold as well as overheating.

Keep in mind that getting rid of too much fur at one time can have a negative impact not only on the animal’s well-being, but also on the balance in one or both of the above areas. However, this does not mean that getting your cat’s haircut is inadvisable or harmful to your cat. As with any beauty treatment, certain rules and moderation should be followed here as well.

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How to groom your cat? How to do it well?

Once we decide to cut our pet, we have a choice of two ways to perform the procedure: we can do it ourselves or rely on the knowledge and experience of professionals. In the first case, it is necessary to buy a cat’s razor, which works in the same way as the razor to cut human hair or beard. However, we can not use equipment designed for humans to cut the animal. Cat hair has a much finer structure, so here it is necessary to use equipment specially designed for this purpose. The cost of buying a razor for a cat, depending on the manufacturer, may range from 300 to even 1500 zł. However, you should take into account that this is an investment for years, especially profitable when we have more than one pet at home.

A good cat razor has adjustable or replaceable blades. It should be remembered that the distance between them should be more than 7 mm, unless the hair in a given place is curled or felted. Of course, we should try not to let this happen, but even the best cat grooming is sometimes not enough. However, regular combing of the cat’s hair with a special comb or brush is the basis for taking care of the proper look of its coat. There are breeds which have more tendency to tangle (e.g. Persian cats). This problem also concerns older cats and purrs that are ill. Such animals have problems with fur care on their own and need our help. When the hair cannot be combed, it should be removed with a razor or trimmer. On the map of the cat’s body there are places that are better left with the natural length of hair.

These are primarily:

  • head,
  • neck,
  • tail.

You should especially pay attention to the vibrissae, the cat’s whiskers, providing the orientation in space. Under no circumstances should they be trimmed even by a millimeter!

If you plan to visit a grooming salon, it’s a good idea to read some reviews about the place you want to go to. This is important primarily because pet grooming requires a certain aesthetic sense (after all, we want our pet to look better than before the procedure). The effects of groomers work are often published on the websites of establishments. We can also go to such a salon to assess its cleanliness and other important parameters. It is worth asking the employees how often and how they sterilize their tools and how the cat is cut.

It is also worth making sure that previous customers of the salon were satisfied not only with the quality of service received, but also with the atmosphere and approach to the animal. Most cats don’t like being groomed and they show it in a very clear way: scratching, biting, running away and making warning hisses. This is not surprising when you consider that a cat’s razor is generally not a quiet device and our purring friends are extremely sensitive to sound. A purring, panicked cat can hurt itself, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the groomer’s staff is able to calm the animal down and perform the procedure with respect for the treatment of animals. In case of aggressive or very frightened cats, the only way to shorten fur often turns out to be performing the procedure in premedication (using sedatives), assisted by a veterinarian. However, if such necessity occurs, it is worth considering whether we really want to expose our pet to such enormous stress. Beauty is a subjective matter, so unless there are health indications to have a haircut, you may want to spare your pet from such an experience.

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