Do pedigreed cats get sick more often?

We have been experiencing a string of cat diseases lately and I feel exhausted, especially mentally. Recurrence of cystitis and struvites, staphylococcus aureus and 2-week antibiotic therapy, gingivitis, constipation and the final in the form of scratched fur around the ears.

Dixi was also affected by the treatment and is currently on medication to relieve stress. There were days when he ran away at the sight of me for fear that I wanted to give him an antibiotic or take him to the vet again. The only upside to the situation is that we did the full suite of tests and his kidneys are healthy – which is probably what I feared most.

The last month makes me think, what is wrong with pedigree cats? Is it just their beauty, that they get sick more often than average cats?

Why do pedigree cats get sick more often?

Pedigree cats do not go through natural selection, because their parents are chosen by breeders. Most of the individuals surviving are provided with veterinary care almost from conception, and the weaker ones are cured. No wonder breeders love their animals and will do anything to make sure they survive and find loving homes.

What’s more, the breeders do not promote strong genes that increase the chances of survival, but external characteristics depending on the prevailing fashion at the time. Not to mention the breeds created by man, which have health problems due to their non-standard body structure.

The Russian cat is a natural breed, but it also undergoes gradual changes in appearance under the buyers.

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Healthy domestic cats

Taking in a feline find you have a better chance of getting a strong individual. His parents have been matched because of the qualities that are valuable in their environment. The kitten itself survived the birth, contact with unfavorable environmental factors and germs. In our Dixi, lowered immunity is the norm.

Of course, this does not mean that every domestic cats will be healthy as a fish. However, there are reasons why purebreds get sick more often.

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