Fun with a cat – why is it so important?

Fun with a cat – why is it so important? In this entry you will learn, among other things, about why cats like to play, what are the best toys for a cat and about playing with a laser.

Fun with a cat – why is it so important?

Few people know that cats attract bad ions to themselves and produce good ones, and their purring, which has been scientifically proven to have a curative effect, therefore, the cat is the best remedy for autumn depression. Scientists have also proven that the sight of a cat playing stimulates the body to secrete serotonin – a neurotransmitter responsible for feeling happy, so below we suggest ideas for toys for a cat…

Why do cats play?

cats love play

Cats in the past to eat had to hunt for dinner, today pets do not have to hunt, but the hunting instinct remained. Cats learn the art of hunting from a young age, at first they play hunting, and then in adulthood they continue to train this skill. Of course, today’s cat is not forced to hunt, especially this homemade stove, because it gets dry food for the cat, possibly wet in a bowl. All he has to do to get his food is sometimes to wave at the owner, or to slap his paw to mark his predatory nature. However, the wild nature of the cat is so strong that it must satisfy it in another way, namely through playing hunting. Small cats are very happy to play with everything that runs away: even paper rolled up in a ball can provide a lot of attractions. Most of the fun is to train your reflexes in order to perfect the workshop of a real, wild hunter. The best toys are those that will imitate a real hunt, that is, should resemble the victim of a cat, so they will work all kinds:

  • feathers
  • furry balls
  • fur mice
  • curly mouse

The best interactive toy for the owner and the cat is a rod, that is, a stick with a string, at the end of which a toy is placed, for example: a feather, a mouse. This small toy for the cat is the best way to satisfy his hunting urges. The rod, in addition to being loved by cats, also eliminates the problem of biting the owner’s hands. It teaches that it is not the hands that are the source of fun, but the stick.

What other toys for a cat?

toys for a cat

Cats need to explore the area, because they are very curious creatures therefore also in the cat range should not be short:

  • dredges
  • outer carton,
  • cardboard cottages
  • tunnels

We ourselves can make a tunnel for a cat from chairs and blankets. Only attention construction must be stable! A crazy cat can knock her down fast. In general, all the toys that stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct are great. Interactive toys are especially recommended, this is a slightly more expensive expense, but for busy owners the ideal solution because it allows the cat to play independently. In the store for example: feeders interactive toys are recommended, for example: tunnels with a ball, toys with rattles, glowing balls.

Playing with a cat – should a cat play with a laser?

They say you can’t play with a cat with a laser – (The Pointer used in universities – produces a red light and exactly one point) because it causes them frustration. It is impossible to catch the light, which is said to annoy cats. This is true, provided that the cat does not have access to other toys. However, from observations of the owners of cats shows quite the opposite. The laser in combination with other toys is not so bad-they say accordingly, moreover, perfectly discharges the tension of the cat. Demonizing laserk is baseless, because cats love him.

What should I keep in mind?

Remember that if the cat lives in the house should be provided with different types of toys in order to avoid boredom, which in turn can turn into frustration and this into aggression of the cat.

A rescued cat is a happy cat.

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