How fast and to what age does the cat grow?

Animals that inhabit our globe, develop and grow at different rates. It all depends on the genetic conditions. And they were formed over thousands of years of evolution. Our muttering friends also develop at a certain pace, characteristic of them. So let’s say, how fast and to what age do cats grow?

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In what period of their life do cats grow?

As in the case of humans, cat life can be divided into four main stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. The boundaries between them are not rigid-the phases of feline life smoothly pass into each other.

Similarly, as in the case of humans, the growth and development of our fur takes place during the first two stages: childhood and adolescence. Compared to ours, the cat’s childhood and youth lasts very short.

In relation to life expectancy. In our muttering pets, childhood and youth make up about 1/15, 1/20 of his entire life. In our case, however, these periods are as much as about 1/4 of the whole life.

How fast does a cat grow in childhood and adolescence?

So cats grow very fast! However, the rate of their development is different at each stage of growing up. Well, they develop the fastest in early childhood. In the first few days after birth, kittens increase their birth weight several times. However, with age, the rate of their development decreases.

The average representative of the feline species grows to about 10-12 months of life. An animal that reaches the age of 10 months is considered an adult. Interestingly, feed for kittens is recommended to be given until 1 year of age, when their development ends.

Of course, that’s a bit of a contractual limit. Annual fur seals no longer grow, but their bodies can still develop. Representatives of some breeds-this applies mainly to cats-develop physically a little longer, sometimes up to two years.

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