Taking care of Ragdolls

In most respects the care of Ragdolls are no different than any other cat. They need a clean environment, nutritious food, and most of all, love. However, all cats will be healthier, and happier with a more close to natural way of life.

Lets start by addressing the environment. They need enough room to run and play, and a south facing window to get much needed sunlight. Remember, never let your Ragdoll outside. They are too sweet and non aggressive. They would invite a predator to eat them.

Their litter should be perfume FREE, and as natural as possible . Just as humans become chemically toxic from smelling to many strong fragrances; cats will likewise become sick from the smell of perfume litters. It may take several years to see the affects of the chemically made fragrances on the cats health, but it will happen. The question is, not if it will happen, but when.

The best litter to use is the new ones made from pine trees, or recycled newspapers, or even plain old wood shavings. The second choice would be the old fashioned clay, without perfume.

Now last but not least; their food. It truly is the most important part of any animals life. Food should be the most nutritious we can afford to buy. When looking at the cost, just remember that you can spend it on the food, or feed cheap food and spend your money at the veterinarians office.

If we really want to duplicate the diet of the cats wild counterpart in feeding,we would feed only raw food and veggies, paying special attention to freshness. There are many good recipes in some of the natural cat books. But the reality is, most people don’t have time to do this. So we will address the second best diet for cats.

RagdollparideThere are several good foods on the market. One of the better ones is Dick van Pattens Natural Balance. This is what we feed our cats, here at Georgia Dolls. It is made with human grade food products, and is not preserved with chemicals. It is an all life stages food. The one product is best for kittens, adults, as well as seniors. This is the mark of a truly good food.

As far as dry verses can, which is better? Well we have all heard the myth that dry keeps their teeth clean and stools firm. The mouth is a reflection of the stomach. A healthy stomach given vitamins and minerals is best for the animal. You get more readily available vitamins, and minerals from can food. Dry food should be treated as a treat only.It is a highly processed food, lacking in quality vitamins and minerals. But if you must feed dry on a regular basis, you should always use the best on the market.

Even if you don’t use the best can food; you can take a low quality can food, and boost the quality of the food by adding vitamins and minerals. Here is a recipe that is easy to prepare and it only takes one teaspoon 2 times daily to really increase their level of health. The proof will be in the cats coat in a few weeks.

Vita/Min Mix

  • 11/2 c. yeast powder(any food yeast)
  • 1/4c. kelp powder
  • 1c. lecithin granules
  • 2c. wheat bran
  • 2c. bone meal, or powdered calcium

But this isn’t all to keeping a cat healthy. One more thing to add to mimic their wild counterparts diet is to take away their food after they have eaten for 30 min. Do this every time you feed them, whether it is two or three times daily. Leave only fresh filtered water. In the wild they only get to eat what they catch. Their body then has a chance to detoxify in between meals. This helps their eliminative organs to renew and rejuvenate. The old left over food in their stomach is used to the full, and eliminated more quickly. However, this would not be a regimen to follow with young kittens. They need their food when they want it. They cannot be put on that type of schedule. Their young bodies are growing too fast, and are in need of fuel on a regular basis.

Water that is from a pure and natural source is also suggested. Buy their water or purchase a filter which will benefit the whole family.

Don’t forget the air you breathe. There is up to five times the pollution in our homes than there is outside. An air filter will eliminate a lot of respiratory problems in all animals, cats and humans alike.

All of this information is found in some of the natural cats books on the market. Purchasing some of these books will be beneficial for all cat lovers.

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