The most beautiful cat colors – my list

Not so long ago I published a post in which I presented the most beautiful in my opinion breeds of cats. Staying on the topic of cat rankings, this time I would like to present you the prettiest colors in cats – of course, also in my opinion.

The types and colors of the cat’s coat

All coats in cats can be divided by color and type. I have both my favorite colors of fur in our purring pets, as well as favorite types of coats. That’s why I decided to create two rankings and list the 5 prettiest cat colors and the 5 prettiest coat types in cats.

The most beautiful colors of fur in cats

There are 15 different coat colors in our furry friends. This is a lot, especially since in cat hair we find only two dyes: Red and black – the color of the hair is determined by their quantity, mutual ratio and the shape and distribution of the pigment cells (nature is unusual, is not it?).

Of all the existing coat colors in cats I chose 5 – this is my favorite.

1. Blue cat colors

If there were green cats, the first place in my ranking of the most beautiful colors of cat fur would be green – this is the most favorite color by me. My second favourite colour is blue-and blue cats already exist and they are at the top of this list.

cat colors blue

Blue cat colors

Blue cat colors occurs in different shades, depending on the breed. I personally like the variant that we can admire in Russian blue cats. I generally prefer lighter versions of blue cat fur.

2. White cat colors

I’ve always liked white animals, too. As a child, I had white hamsters and white guinea pigs. What is interesting, however, I never had a white dog or … a white cat – somehow it turned out. Although I have not yet had a white fur coat (they were only Latin), white color cats I really like. Snow-white fur in cats is really beautiful, although maintaining it in good condition requires a lot of work.

white cat colors

White cat colors

White color cats is not the result of any dye. On the contrary, white is the absence of dyes in the hair. So, white cat hair is actually colorless hair.

3. Black cat colors

Another of my favorite colors is black. Black animals have something mysterious in them, don’t they? Especially black cats. It’s a legacy of the old days. Not that I believe in superstitions – if I did, I would not keep cats with black fur (fur coats with such fur were in the past in my family home).

black cat colors

Black cat colors

Black color is very common in our purring pets. Certainly because it is a color that dominates other colors. Of course, the most beautiful look cats with black uniform coat.

4. Chocolate cat colors

Chocolate cat colors makes me feel good about myself. Perhaps because it is associated with sweet chocolate? Who knows?

chocolate cat colors

Chocolate cat colors

The interesting thing, I think, is that the chocolate color of the cat’s fur is a modified black colour. There is a mutation that affects the pigment cells in the cat’s hair and skin, resulting in a lightening of the black to chocolate color.

5. Red cat colors

In addition to the black coat, the red cat colors evokes conflicting emotions in humans. There is no shortage of voices that red cats have a different character from fur coats with a different coat – some claim that they are mean. We can also meet the claim that redheads have a different metabolism and react differently from other fur coats to drugs.

red cat colors

Red cat colors

The interesting thing is that on the fur of many red cats we see more or less distinct stripes, although these individuals do not have a gene that determines the striation. Another interesting fact is that statistically there are more red male cats than red female cats.

The most beautiful types of cat colors

Types of cat colors are the way in which the primary colors blend together on the body of fur coats and/or are modified. What types of anointing in cats are the nicest in my opinion? Here’s my top five.

1. Siamese color of cats and Tonkinese color of cats

After much deliberation, I first placed ex aequo Siamese anointing and tonkaian anointing-two of the three varieties of point anointing, which is characterized by the fact that the muzzle, ears, paws, tail and genitals are darker than the rest of the animal’s body

In Siamese types of cat colors, the above-mentioned differences in types of cat colors are large, which gives a really interesting contrast effect. Most likely, the first breed of cats that developed the mutation that caused this types of cat colors were Siamese cats. It was they who gave their original types of cat colors to other cat breeds, such as the Persians or British cats.

siamese cat colors

Siamese cat colors

The color of the Tonkinese in cats is very similar to the Siamese. It differs from him in that the contrast between the body and the points is smaller.

tonkinese cat colors

Tonkinese cat colors

2. Classic brindle color for cats and a spotted color for cats

The second place on my list of the most beautiful color types for cats was again with two colors: classic brindle and spotted.

The classic blotched tabby, which is in second place in my ranking, is characterized by the fact that the stripes are circular in shape, creating a pattern that resembles the wings of a butterfly. The perfect drawing on the fur is clearly separated from the background and symmetrical, that is, the same on both sides of the body.

striped cat colors

striped cat colors

I gave an ex aequo with classic brindle to the spotted coat of cats, but it’s unique! One that we can admire in Bengal cats. It differs from the spots that adorn the fur of representatives of other breeds. In Bengals, the spots are larger and have a kind of darker halo. Bengal cats inherited this unusual drawing from their wild ancestors (this breed is a cross between a domestic cat and a wild Bengal cat).

Cat colors centrated

Cat colors centrated

3. Chinchilla cat colors

The third place in my ranking of the most beautiful color types in cats is taken by the chinchilla color. Extremely beautiful color of cats, which is characterized by white hair with black tips. It looks a bit as if the snow-white animal has been sprinkled with coal dust. The attractiveness of chinchilla cats is raised by green eyes.

chinchilla cat colors

chinchilla cat colors

The above description concerns the classic chinchilla color of cats. Some felinological organizations, however, also call cats with white hair tips in other colors: blue, chocolate, lilac, etc.

4. Ticked cat colors

The fourth place on my list of the most beautiful color types was ticked. The ticked color of cats is classified as tabby. Its characteristic feature is that the hair is ribbed – it has lighter and darker rings. The effect is, in my opinion, very interesting and attractive.

Ticked cat colors

Ticked cat colors

Of course, the ticked color of cats has different color varieties. As for me, blue ticked looks particularly attractive in Abyssinian and Somali cats.

5. Shilkret cat colors

In the fifth position in the ranking of the most beautiful color types, there is a shilkret color for cats, which is reserved for females – a shilkret male is a huge rarity.

FIFe recognizes tortoiseshell as a color, but I classify it as a color type because it combines two primary colors: black / chocolate / cinnamon / amber with red and blue / lilac / fawn / light amber with cream.

shilkret cat colors

shilkret cat colors

It is said that no two shilkret are alike. Indeed, the pattern of colored spots on the body is so diverse that every female cat with this color is different. In some, the colored patches are smaller and more mixed up with each other, in others they are larger and clearly separated from each other. Of all the varieties of shilkret, I think I like the blue shilkret, otherwise known as the blue-cream color, the most.

As a summary of my ranking of the most beautiful cat color

It was much easier for me to put together a ranking of the most beautiful cat colors than the 10 most beautiful cat breeds. It was a bit difficult for me to compare the 5 most beautiful types of colors. I had to think carefully about what to choose, and finally decided to tie twice. As for the color of the fur, I had no doubts.

What are your favorite cat colors? I’m very curious. If you like, write about it in the comments.

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